Aperture 3.3 upgrade issues and a quick glance how to find all those new features

A quick and first glance at Aperture 3.3 and
how to find all those new features, plus some issues.

Tips and upgrading issues you should watch out for… so lets get started.

It's been some 24 hours since the new release of Aperture 3.3… quiet a chunk to download and if you have not done so make sure you have a good and reliable internet connection. How much improvements do we get and has Aperture 3.3 improved?

In my opinion and at a first glance I like what I have seen so far, but it is way to early for final conclusions until I am done with my test driving…still in progress.

NOTE: I heard some conflicting reports from users that there is some issues between Lion 10.7.4 and Snow Leopard… Aperture 3.3 will NOT run on Snow Leopard, however I could not confirm or test this since I am running Lion, but if this is the case then Apple should have advised on this issue, and for those still running on Snow Leopard it is certainly a blow and they have to upgrade to Lion. (I recommend anyway)

See the screenshots some marked in
RED with the new features.


Metadata now called
Info, new Auto Enhance button
and added
iPhoto Effects

Highlight Shadows

Mid Contrast Slider in the Highlights and Shadows panel

Color temperature

White Balance panel has now under the color Temperature a new drop down panel
with additional adjustments for Skin tones and Natural Gray.

Beware that some 32-bit Plug-in don't work any more unfortunately Apple did not mention this and you only find out after you upgraded to 3.3 I am not so depending on Plug-ins but for some other folks out there it maybe an issue.

I have for example the DxO Film pack 3 installed (using it for testing purpose only) and this one is not working, everything runs now on 64-bit and until some Plug-ins change from 32-bit to 64-bit they won't work. So be careful here,
all support for 32-bit Plug-ins are gone in Aperture 3.3

Aperture 3.3 Library

Upon launch you be prompted to update your Aperture Library to 3.3

You be also prompted to upgrade your Library upon launch and depends on how many images you have, this could take quiet a while, the same applies to the new iPhoto 9.3 too.

iPhoto upgrade

New iPhotoLibrary also needs to be upgraded

The User Interface has a new look and the colors are gone for the Smart Albums, Projects etc., etc. this might take some getting use to it, but I had no problems finding things very quick and I was up and running in no time.

New UI

All color Icons are gone in the new interface.

Another interesting change is that Aperture 3.3 and iPhoto 9.3 using now a unified photo-library, this really will not affect me so much but can be very useful for some people out there who like to move from iPhoto 9.3 to Aperture 3.3 making the switch a lot easier. For more info and details check out the Apple support document:
Aperture 3.3: Using a unified photo library with iPhoto and Aperture http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5260

iPhoto 9.3

Aperture 3.3 and iPhoto 9.3 using now a unified photo-library

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Light is photography... photography is light, interesting & unusual Photos from my last trip.

When the light is just right...

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© Gunther Deichmann - “Pyramids” & Flowers - Jan. 2010

Before leaving for India and Nepal in February I like to share with you some simple but unusual Photos from my last Journey, no other explanation is needed judge for yourself...is it a setup or have they been manipulated later?
For those of you who are interested I am happy to post an explanation on my Blog prior my departure to India.

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© Gunther Deichmann - The Palm Leaf - Jan. 2010

Tutorials, Asia, Photography, Photographer, Gunther Deichmann,

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