Photography and our beautiful Nature, the story behind the photos

The story behind the photos...
the Birth of a Saltwater Crocodile.


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Here is the answer to my recent post in Face Book; What do you think this is?
Very cute but ever so bizarre looking… it is a Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) Embryo inside the egg at about 20 plus days old.

…no digital or computer manipulation shot on Kodachrome film bracketing like crazy to get this image, not an easy task them days.

It was many years ago that I had the opportunity to work with Professor Dr. Graham Webb who is one of the world leading experts on Crocodiles in Australia.
A super cool and great guy to work with, he was also the first person to scientifically prove the actual gallop movement of the Crocodiles.

The research took us deep into the swamps of the Northern Territory collecting eggs from the female Saltwater Crocodiles, I might mention this was not a risk free endeavor, collecting eggs while the large female Croc was hanging around near by.
(they can grow easily over 20 feet and the largest one on records is believed to have been some 30 feet.)

Scientific measurements were taken at the nesting site; like temperature readings, number of eggs in individual nest's and of course the exact location. Then the eggs were collected for research and conservation, and back at the laboratory placed in an incubator until they hatched.

Later they were released back into the wild; it was during this time that crocodile numbers had declined due to hunting for their precious skin.
It was the dedication and efforts of guys like Professor Dr. Graham Webb who in the end reversed the decline of this magnificent "prehistoric" predator.

I published articles in the past for international Magazines during the time of the research, in particular the photographic capture of a true gallop by a fresh water crocodile (
Crocodylus johnstoni) and after going through my archive the other day I decided to share some of these almost forgotten images with you.

fresh water-Crocodile_gallop_GDeichmann

Copyright all Rights reserved. Mandatory credit with image use:
© Gunther Deichmann -
True gallop by a fresh water crocodile (Crocodylus johnstoni)

On a personal note; I like to thank all those researchers for their timeless effort helping in preserving our fragile nature and environment.