Personal, private, very flexible & small groups only!

e have decided to proceed from now on with very small
groups and by invitation or direct email.
For more details:


GD PhotoTours and Workshops was selected by PhotoShelter in 2014.
"Have camera, will travel: 50 Awesome Photo Workshops Around the World This Year."

We ONLY travel in very small Groups not exceeding max. 4 participants
& YOU don't have to be a Pro to join. Thus making our Itinerary more flexible
and the opportunity in visiting places rarely accessible by others.

GDeichmann_PhotoTours Discover the Undiscovered

India - Nepal - Sri Lanka - Cambodia - Vietnam - Myanmar / Burma - Tibet - Indonesia  
- Bhutan & Australia


have selected some very exciting and new destinations for 2016/17, in particular for India and the Kumbh Mela and Kalkata and a very special Journey to Vietnam,
see below the scheduled dates, these are very special places perfect for
Photography due to their culture and colorful Festivals at the time.
We provide complete details only via email now, since we have reduced the number of participants to only four.


INDIA 2016 - Ujjain, Kumbh Mela which is held only every 12 years and one week in Kolkata - Completed

April 15th to May 02, 2016

Max. of 4 Participants

More detailed info is only available upon request and bookings have to be made way in advance due to the nature of this special tour. Confirmed booking have to be received by January 2016 - Feedback from previous participants please CLICK THIS LINK.  
For inquiries pls. go to our Booking page


VIETNAM 2016 - 11 days covering the North and South - Completed
(final bookings have to be made by latest August 08, 2016)

September 21st to Oct. 02 2016

Max. of 4 Participants


NEW - Vietnam 2017 - North, Central and South - March/April 2017 final dates will be announced soon.
14 days (with possible extensions)

We had a very successful and amazing Photo Tour in Vietnam in 2016 and have now extended this very exciting
trip to even more awesome places to Central, South and Northern Vietnam in 2017.

More details very soon or contact me direct for more information.

Max. of 5 Participants

- View Images from our previous trip to Vietnam in my PhotoShelter Gallery see below the