10 Best Photography Exhibitions Around the World


Only a century ago, photography began to emerge as a form of art. Since then, it has evolved into the most influential artistic expression, worthy of the best galleries in the world.

The Best Photography Collections in the World

Every young artist dreams of traveling the world to see the best photographs. However, if you decide to embark on such a sacred journey, here are some galleries that offer the best photo exhibitions in the world.

No. 10 The International Center of Photography — New York

Since 1974, the ICP focuses on social and political subjects. Photos have a powerful message and keep the so-called “concerned photography” legacy.

No. 9 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography — Tokyo

Tokyo’s Yebisu Garden Place is home to one of the first exhibitions in Japan that aren’t dedicated to just one artist. The museum organizes themed shows and, in addition to great photography, you can have the unique opportunity to see the original anime and Japanese video games.

No. 8 Les Douches Gallerie — Paris

In Paris, everyone will admire the architecture, paintings and sculptures. Don’t forget that Paris is a real treasure trove of the fantastic photo shows, like, for example, Les Douches gallery. 

Here, you can find a fantastic collection of historical, contemporary, and documentary photographs.

No. 7 Fotomuseum Winterthur — Switzerland

It was found in 1993, with a preserved collection of contemporary photographs from the ’60s to the present days. 

You must visit this museum if you are traveling to Switzerland.

Macedonian Heritage [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

No. 6 Thessaloniki Museum of Photography — Thessaloniki

The permanent exhibition was founded in the late ’90s, with a rich collection of historical and contemporary works.

Located in a beautiful place near the port, this is the first museum in Greece dedicated solely to photography.

No. 5 Portuguese Center of Photography — Porto

One extraordinary country implies an exhibition that is both unusual and located in a strange place. This gallery is located in a former 18th-century prison where it exhibits the National Collection of Photography.

No. 4 Lianzhou Museum of Photography — Lianzhou, China

China is a country that nourishes the art of photography. Besides many central museums and galleries in large cities, everyone should visit this amazing and unusual museum located in the small town of Lianzhou.

No. 3 The Museum of Contemporary Photography — Chicago

MoCP is a museum that has made many significant changes in art photography with its exhibitions. It posses more than 15000 artworks from 1500 different artists. 

Ever since its founding in 1976, the museum has worked with the idea of bringing artists closer to students and their creativity.

No. 2 Foam — Amsterdam

Foam is a movement rather than an art gallery. It is an exhibition of contemporary photography, but it also organizes promotions, debates, and other events that bring together artists, audiences, and future creators.

The most striking thing about this gallery from Amsterdam is the high focus on young talents who are always welcomed to express themselves.

No.1 The Photographers’ Gallery — London

Since 2012, one of the best photo exhibitions in the world is located in the art district of Soho, London. It was initially established and situated in Covent Garden back in 1971, as the first public photography exhibition in London. Even today, this gallery has a significant impact on many photographers.