Best Resources for Photography Beginners


Starting out with photography isn’t easy. Many aspiring photographers get discouraged when their work doesn’t look as good as the work of professionals. If you aren’t skilled in using a camera, the sheer number of options might put you off. 

Fortunately, we live in the 21st century and the Internet is available to more people than ever. There are a lot of instructional websites online, and many of them are free or offer a free trial and free courses, so it isn’t hard to find everything that you need to begin your journey into the wonderful world of photography. Here are some of the best websites for beginners. 

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School has been one of the best photography learning hubs online for a while. With a plethora of wonderful articles and books, and a forum where you can read about and ask all your photography-related questions, DPS might just be the best choice for you.

The website was created by a photography enthusiast Darren Rowse and has some of the best writers from all areas writing comprehensive guides that cover everything from shooting techniques and equipment to post-production. 


If you are looking for online courses in photography, Udemy might be just the place for you. The website offers more than 340 tutorials on photography. Prices of these courses start at $9.99, and once purchased can be viewed as many times as you like. However, before you buy them, you can see how many lessons each course contains and what’s their length.

Udemy currently has over 7 million students, 19.000 instructors and over 30.000 courses covering various subjects. 

The Photo Argus

This is a simple and inspiring blog that teaches you photography through a series of inspiring photographs. Its many blog posts cover a wide range of topics including useful information, tips and tricks, techniques, news in photography and many more. 

If you are having trouble getting inspired, you can use the website’s organized search section to organize posts by inspirational series, photographer, project, and even location. Another option is to simply browse the newest and most popular posts.


Another website that offers courses on photography is CreativeLive. Their prices range from $0 to $300 and they offer some of the best and most comprehensive guides and tutorials on photography. There is also a ratings system that shows you the people’s opinion on how beneficial the guides are. 

If you want to try this website out, take some of the free courses, and you will quickly be able to decide if they suit you.

Other Websites

Other websites that aren’t currently on the list but deserve honorable mention include Cambridge in Colour, Geoff Lawrence, Tutsplus, Fstoppers, Strobist, as well as Skillshare and Coursera that are already well-known websites.

So quit procrastinating, try out different options, choose the one that is right for you and start learning photography.