Different Types of Photography Jobs


Photography is a wonderful way of capturing an event or a place we want to remember. For most people, taking pictures is a hobby, and thanks to advancements in technology, approximately 1.8 billion new photos are uploaded to the web every day. However, for some people, taking pictures is what they do for a living. If you plan on pursuing a career in photography, read on below, as we discuss different photography genres that you can choose from. 

Wedding Photographer 

As the name suggests, a wedding photographer is a person whose job is to take photos on many people’s most special day — wedding. This is a very demanding job, as it requires a unique skill set and it can often be grueling. The job of a wedding photographer is to take as many pictures as possible and capture each and every esteemed guest at the venue. This job can be very well paid, if you have years of experience and are willing to work under constant pressure. 

News Photographer 

Every magazine has photos that visually depict the event that the columnist has written about. Photographers who work for magazines must constantly cooperate with journalists. After they find out what the magazine will be about, it is their job to go on the field and take a few photos. For example, if the story is about a singer’s performance, then photographers must go to the venue and try to get some exclusive shots. This field is quite challenging because a photographer does not have artistic freedom and is constantly on the move. 

Scientific Photographer 

Photographers working in this genre must possess a special type of equipment. Depending on what kind of scientific research is involved, they must use this dedicated equipment to take photos of what is being researched. So, for example, to take photos of a particular aquatic species, a photographer must acquire all the necessary equipment so that they can work underwater. This genre of photography is for those who are willing to try different techniques of photographic processing. They are usually employed by Universities and Research Centers. 

Commercial Photographer 

This is one of the most popular fields in photography. Commercial photographers are usually hired by different companies and agencies. They must know how to make crystal-clear photos, as well as understand the needs and desires of a client who hires them. The job description for a commercial photographer consists of taking pictures for some catalogs, presentations, or websites. 

Freelance Photographer 

You can also do photography as a freelancer. Set up your own studio and choose what kind of photography you want to do. There are plenty of sites where you can browse for job offers and lock the best deal possible, but the main problem with working as a freelance photographer is stability. Sometimes you have to be prepared for a month-long drought during which you can’t land a single job, which also means that you won’t have any income. But if you’re up for the challenge, this may be your career job.