Photography Rules That Can Teach Web Designers Some Essential Skills


To be able to deliver certain quality to clients, many web designers are rather focused on the content and functionality than on the creativity of their work. However, new tendencies in web designing, and even clients themselves, often hint at visualization as a crucial element of such a creative job – many point at video game websites, or websites with a LeoVegas Bonus offers as websites that have creativity written all over them. So if we have an example of what a great website design is – how difficult is it to follow it?

What Does Good Photography Mean in Web Design?

Photography, as a form of visualization and manipulation with colors and shapes, can contribute a lot to web design. One single image can give the site its particular character, no matter if it is a business promotion or a personal blog. It can enrich the design and say more than a million words.

But even more, every web designer can borrow some excellent tricks and rules that we can find in photography and apply them in their own work. 

Learn to Control Colors

Photography means playing with shapes, colors, and shadows. An experienced photographer will never allow any of these elements to disrupt the balance of a single image. Hence, it’s essential to use the same principles in web design.

Learn how to control and balance it by using the right font colors, shadows, and contrasts to get the best look of a website.

Learn How to Compose

Making the right composition is crucial in web designing, just as it is in photography. If an image is unclear and lacks a notable focus, viewers will not be interested in it. There’s the same problem with website visitors. To create a good composition, you should have in mind that less is more. 

Avoid too many striking elements that will distract viewers and learn how to apply small details. For example, if you are using photos as a layout, choose a clean surface with the right motifs. Let every item on the site have a clear purpose.

Balance Experience and Trends

Clients will always strive to get the latest trends and design that is a “must-have” at the current moment. Still, no matter how eye-catching and refreshing trends can be, you don’t have to follow them strictly. 

Have the confidence of a real artist and stay faithful to your own technique and style, with bringing just enough trendy elements that are attractive but not overwhelming. Lastly, get accustomed to criticism since it is an integral part of any creative job.

Use All the Resources You Have

Shooting images around the world is not just for fun or pleasure. Expert photographers must have professional equipment, from expensive cameras and lenses to programs and software for processing images. Still, sometimes it is more than enough to have a phone camera to capture one moment that is priceless.

So, any web designer should be realistic about how much their technical capabilities can meet all the design requirements before they even start a project, and then use them in the best possible way.


As we could see, design and photography have a lot in common. They share some essential characteristics that bring them together and, if you are experienced and skilled in one of these areas, you can apply that knowledge to the other.