The 5 Most Famous Photographers in the World


The modern-day world is filled with photographers. Almost every one of them has a professional-grade camera that they carry around and take photos with. We have much to thank the Internet and other technological advancements for the popularity of photography. In the past, photography was a grueling hobby that required a lot of skill, hard work, and dedication. Apart from taking photos, photographers had to develop an understanding of how photos are developed in the darkroom. 

Nowadays, these professionals have almost entirely shifted to digital photography. No one wastes time developing film in darkrooms. This and many other factors have led to countless new photographers. Today, we’re going to talk about the most famous photography savants in the world. 

Gregory Crewdson 

Born in 1962 Brooklyn, Gregory Crewdson had made a name for himself with his dramatic and vast photographs. If you saw his work for the first time, you would assume that the photos were taken on a film set, and you wouldn’t be far from the truth. Crewdson creates immense, complex sets for his scenes, and then tries to capture as much detail as he can with his large-format camera. He then prints his images in huge size so that viewers can truly marvel at his artwork. 

Photograph by Christopher Peterson. christopherpeterson.comSacredhands (the author) at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA (]

Elliot Erwitt 

Elliot Erwitt is an American photographer whose work revolves around capturing absurd and ironic situations within everyday settings. His street photos are both meaningful and a bit bizarre at the same time. He sharpened his skills while working as a photography assistant in the US army. His black and white candid photos left an indelible mark on photography and made him one of the world’s most successful and influential photographers. 

Jerry Uelsmann 

As another photographer coming from America, Jerry Uelsmann is best known for his creativity with photomontage techniques. Throughout his work, Uelsmann creates surreal and allegorical pieces using only analog tools. He relies on multiple exposures and uses numerous enlargers to depict his dream-like compositions. If composite photographs are your favorite pieces of art, then you should really take a look at his creations. Although he shunned from using digital cameras, the composites that he made in the darkroom are second-to-none. 

John Ramspott [CC BY (]

Jeremy Chou 

Soon after graduating from architecture, Jeremy Chou pursued a career in photography. He realized that desk job just wasn’t for him and became one of the most sought after photographers in the wedding industry, and has also taught workshops all across Asia, Europe, and the United States. When asked about how he differentiates himself from such a saturated market, he said: “I draw from my life experience”. For him, utilizing shadow, light, and composition works the same way buildings are designed. 

Peter Lik 

Born in Australia, Peter Lik is widely known for his panoramic and nature landscape images. After taking panoramic photos, Lik prints them on metallic silver halide paper which gives them a unique look. With over 35 years of pushing the boundaries of fine art, Lik has become synonymous with immaculate images of ethereal mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls, and peaceful desert canyons. He’s one of the highest-paid photographers in the world, mainly thanks to the many galleries where his masterpieces are showcased.