Where to Find and How to Win a Photo Contest?


Photography, like any other piece of art, is complete only after it is seen by the audience and becomes famous. It doesn’t matter if you like to take shots for your own pleasure or you are a professional photographer, your work needs to be seen. The best opportunity to show it to the world is to find an excellent photo contest and, even better, to win it. 

Best Five Photography Contests You Should Check This Year

Here are some great competitions that you can participate in and win some big cash or equipment prizes.

1. International Landscape Photographer of the Year 

This contest had been highly regarded on an international level since its inception, six years ago.

Upload a maximum of four photographs that are shot during the current year in order to participate in the following categories: photographer of the year, photography of the year, and five special awards. 

The entrance is $25 per photo, totaling to $100, while the first prize is $5,000.

2. National Geographic Traveller Photography Competition

This competition does not have a cash prize but instead can bring you an adventure of a lifetime. 

Submit an original photo that has been taken within two years before the date of entry, and you will have an opportunity to win the competition and travel to Mexico Photography Adventure.

 Even more, having a National Geography award in your resume is priceless.

3. International Photography Awards

It is one of the most significant competitions considering the prize pool. You can win $10,000 as a first prize, but you can also win cash for other special awards, your own exhibition, or a trip to New York. 

All winning photos are published in the International Photography Awards book.

4. Monochrome Photography Award

It’s a competition for black and white professional or amateur photography held in 13 different categories. The first three places will gain a significant reputation and the ability to win a certificate, organize their own exhibition, and sign up for the Monochrome Photography Award Annual Book.

5. Sony World Photography Award

This prestigious award offers an enormous cash prize pool, as well as certain professional equipment. It provides $25.000 for the winners of four individual competitions — Professional, Open, Youth, and Student Award.

Submit 5 to 10 of your artworks that will travel the world thanks to this contest and, perhaps, bring you some valuable awards.

How to Win a Photo Contest?

Winning a competition requires not only talent but also a personal style and recognizable technique. To win, you need to pay attention to some necessary details.

Meet All Technical Requirements

Take a good look at the qualification requirements, such as the size of the photo, whether it should be a film or digital photography, if it can be manipulated, and so on. 

Stick to the Subject

Choose the type and category of competition that suits your style. Not all thematic contests are recommended for each photographer. Find the one that suits your technique and where you can actually respond to a topic.

Offer Your Best Shots

Target competitions where you can display your best shots. Every artist knows which photos are the best in their career. Never opt for an alternative but use your best weapon.

Explore Previous Winners

Do your homework and search for works that have received the same awards at the same competition. It will help you get an image of the quality that is expected from you as well.

Always Be Yourself

Have in mind that plagiarism will not bring you victory, but something personal and unique that will impress judges, audience, and critics. Even if you don’t win the prize, you must remain true to yourself and your creativity.